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Specialisation Clinical Evaluation 


The final year of the Clinical Evaluation Master’s Degree (Master 2) aims to train students to become senior executives who meet the requirements of the industry of healthcare products for human use by acquiring solid scientific, technical, regulatory, economic, strategic and managerial skills.

This programme offers a specialisation in the field of pharmaceutical medicine, a medical and scientific discipline that focuses on the discovery, development, evaluation, monitoring, registration, and medical aspects of marketing healthcare products while keeping in mind the patients and public health' s best interests. 

It is part of the Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle de Lyon (IPIL), which provides a high-level training programme geared towards the pharmaceutical industry and the international market.

Why join Master 2 in Clinical Evaluation?

  • It combines theoretical and technical courses that are put into practice through work-study programmes (apprenticeships) or internships.
  • The courses are taught in English to allow students to pursue an international career and enable them to adapt to the demanding nature of the pharmaceutical medicine industry’s internationalisation.
  • It offers a multicultural environment thanks to our students who come from all over the world. This allows for personal development and student integration in a multicultural setting that they will encounter later in their professional life.
  • It includes a project management teaching unit, which is both theoretical and practical, to help students develop skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, being organised as well as managerial skills.
  • Our teaching staff is international, experts in their field of specialisation with academic or industry backgrounds.



The 2023-2024 academic year applications are now closed. 



Students who wants to work as apprentices are welcome to apply for this master's degree.

If you have a job offer, please contact us by email at or call us at

04 78 78 57 74.